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Monday, September 6, 2010

Drinks you need to have.

The basic alcoholic drink that you must have in your bar to make most of cocktails are:

-    Whiskey
-    Gin
-    Vodka
-    Brandy
-    Grape brandy
-    Apple brandy
-    Tequila
-    Rum
-    Vermouth
-    Coffee cream-liqueur
-    Coconut liqueur
-    Mint liqueur: green and white
-    Sherry brandy
-    Apricot brandy
-    Maraschino (cherry liqueur)
-    Triple sec (orange liqueur)
-    Amaro: Amaro 18 Isolabella (bitter liqueur)
-    Istra Bitter (bitter liqueur)
-    Wine: red, white and pink
-    Beer: light and dark
-    Sparkling wine: Champagne

You can complement your bar with some occasional bottle of:

-    Whisky: Irish, bourbon and rye
-    Vodka: Russian and Polish
-    Cognac
-    Orange brandy Bel Ami
-    Plum brandy
-    Mandarinetto (Mandarin liqueur)
-    Kasis (currant liqueur)
-    Kummel (caraway liqueur)
-    Prosecco

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