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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Purpose of decorations on the glasses is to beautify the look of drinks and also be an integral part of the drinks.

Mixed drinks can be decorated in various ways – with small cocktail umbrellas, straws, fruit and vegetables, aromatic leaves and stalks of plants. Here are fruits and vegetables that are most commonly used:
  • lemon, 
  • orange, 
  • grapefruit, 
  • strawberries, 
  • cherries, 
  • raspberries, 
  • stuffed olives, 
  • celery stalks and 
  • mint leaves.
Besides nice look, they give cocktails and aroma. Mint leaves adorn a number of refreshing cocktails, and in the cocktail-style known as julep they are even an important ingredient. If you want to have always at hand a fresh branch, sow mint in a pot. 

Fruit that you are putting in cocktails must be of finest quality. If you are using canned cherries never use the so called cherries in brandy, because they will change the taste of drink and spoil it. Slice of lemon or orange can be cut and attached to the edge of the glass, or, imaginatively pricked on a cocktail toothpick.

In some mixed drinks a spiral of lemon or orange peel is placed. Their peel is rich in essential oils that otherwise have great application in medicine and cosmetics. When you use them it is necessary to avoid crops sprayed with pesticides. If it can’t avoid use only healthy, well-washed fruits. We make a spiral by cutting the fruit with the knife at the top and then with gentle turning we cut the thin strip of peel, about 1 cm wide, taking care not to cut the fleshy part of fruit. Lemon or orange peel spiral decorates the drink and gives it the desired aroma.

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