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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sugar, sugar syrup and sugar decoration.

In most cocktails, one or more bar spoons of sugar is added. The problem with crystalline sugar is that it is melting really slowly. To avoid that use sugar syrup. Bartenders are using prepared syrup "Gomme" but you can also prepare it successfully at home.

Fill a bowl with 1/2 l of water along with 400 grams of sugar, and cook on medium heat. When the mixture boils, stir it about a minute and remove from the heat, chill it and pour into a clean cup. Until use, store sugar syrup in a cool and dark place. No matter how thick it is, i.e. with how much water it was prepared, it will be a lot easier to mix with other ingredients and at the bottom of the glass there won’t be any leftovers of un-melted sugar. If, among the ingredients of a mixture, are tea, coffee or wine, sugar can be boiled and with these liquids instead of water. In this case, it is not necessary to use sugar syrup.

Mixed drinks called crusta are always decorated with sugar. Many other cocktails, like the rich creamy Alexander, but and ordinary gin with orange juice also, will look far better in a glass with sweet sugared rim. Here is how you will do it: cut a slice of lemon and wet the rim of the glass with it. Pour sugar crystals into a shallow dish to a height of approximately one centimeter. Now, turn the opening of a glass down and press the rim in the sugar. Press softly until you get a uniform sugar crown. If you don’t like bittersweet taste of this crown, don’t wet the glass with lemon, but plain water or cool the glass in the refrigerator before immersing it to sugar.

You will do the same and when you are preparing cocktails with salted crowns - as is the case with the famous Margarita, cocktail with tequila.

If we mix sugar with grated chocolate, will get sugary-chocolate crown that we can use on some cream cocktails, or, on mixed drinks with milk and fruit. Instead of sugar, we can also use and various powders which are used for the preparation of instant drinks.

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