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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Is "Cocktail"?

Cocktail is a mixture of alcoholic and soft drinks that usually contain at least 18 percent of alcohol. Pleasure in the consumption of cocktails is threefold: primarily, when are served in an appropriate way, a cocktail is a remarkable sight for the eyes. Diversity of its colors is enticing sighs. Degustation is next pleasure, depending on the nature of cocktails, namely, whether it is aperitif drink or digestif (after meals), do we drink it for a short or long, etc. There is no mood, place and circumstances, person and society, in which well-prepared cocktails do not come as a balm for the soul. And third, the last pleasure, is guessing which ingredients are mixed in a cocktail that you just drank.

Now that you know what a cocktail is, advice follows: it is necessary to drink cocktails as soon as they are served because their taste is changing over time - due to warming and melting of ice (which, when turned to water, changes the taste of drink), and also, due to stratification of mixed ingredients. However, this does not mean that cocktails should be speedily drunk, in one breath.

Cocktail cures equally a toothache and jealousy, it makes sleep go away, stimulates appetite and, most important, love.

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