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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tools you need.

In professional cocktail terminology all terms and names are in English. English is the official language of all the bartenders of the world. All technical terms and names have their source in the English language.

Shaker is a metal container in which cocktails and other mixed drinks are hand-prepared and mixed, with ice. They are made of stainless steel or other high quality metals, and some of them are plated, made of silver or gold. According to the number of parts of which they are composed, they are divided into two- and three-part shakers.

Three-part shaker consists of a high cup, the middle part, in which is a built-in strainer, and cover. Parts are precisely closed to avoid leakage of liquid. Three-part shakers are commonly used by amateurs, while professionals often use the two-part shaker who does not have the middle part, ie. strainer, but consists of a high cup and cover. Strainer is a special part of the inventory.

Shaker can also be made from a special glass. We call such Boston-shakers. In fact, one or both sides of the shaker are special glasses that can be used for serving mixed drinks. They are very popular in America, where drinks are served with a large quantity of ice.

Steiner is a spiral bar strainer which is placed on the two-part shaker or a barglass when we pour in it prepared mixed drink. It consists of a holed metal plate with a handle. Metal spiral is built around that plate. When we are using the strainer, spiral is turned to inside of shaker. Amount of mixed drink, wich we want to squeeze out, is controled by tightening or relaxing the spiral.

Barglass is a special glass cup, with size of half to one liter. It is used in the preparation of simple mixed drinks that do not require too much mixing or blending, and only need cooling with ice. During the outpouring of the finished mixed drink from the barglass, we use Steiner or bar strainer.

Dashbottle is a small tube with a built-in slug in the stopper and it is used for injecting aroma or syrup in mixed drinks. We use it by taking the bottle by its neck between our forefinger and middle finger, with palm turned up, and with our thumb we are holding it on the top. While holding the bottle like that, with a sharp twitch we are injecting aroma, syrup, alcohol or soft bitterness or some other thing prescribed by the recipe. With one injection, a gram of liquid is added. Bitterness, such as Angostura Bitters, Tabasco sauce and similar, are packaged in such bottles. In recipes is a common mark (dash – one spurt), which warns how much spurns or injections is necessary to ad to the drink. It is important to remember that the injections are always added to the prepared drink, ready for serving.

Bar spoon is actually a small spoon for white coffee with extended handle, and it serves for mixing drinks in the barglass, decoration of mixed drinks, adding fruit, sugar and other ingredients. One such spoon contains three grams of liquid, for example rum, juice and similar, and 5 grams of coffee, sugar or similar. This is necessary to know because in recipes, amounts are expressed in grams. In recipes is often mentioned short b.s. which stands for bar spoon.

Electric blender is an electric mixer which all well equipped bars have. It consists of a pedestal with an electric motor, cup with a lid in which knives for cutting and crumbing of fruit and ice are built, lemon strainer, orange, and so on. Electric mixers are indispensable in the preparation of high-quality drinks with fresh fruit, milk, ice cream, eggs, etc..

Jigger is a small metal measure for measuring whiskey. It’s two-folded, on one side of volume it’s 20 and on the other side its 40 centiliters and it is very suitable for measuring drinks.

Herry measure is a special measure for measuring drinks at the bar. It is usually a glass shot with marked quarter and thirds measures with blue and red color.

Bar knife is a sharp knife.

Bar forks are present in various sizes. They are very suitable for decoration.

Ice tongs are for grabbing ice.

Bottle opener is present in various sizes.

Corkscrew is for opening wine bottles.

Ice scoop is for grabbing ice.

Tin opener opens cans, mostly with fruits and vegetables.

Swissler is a mixer for sparkling wine.

Stirrer is a mixer for drinks in the glass.

Straws are mostly for decoration.

Squasher is a lemon squeezer.

Squeezers are pliers for the squeezing lemon.

Ice bucket is for holding ice.

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